She’s doing it again

10 Aug

We returned from our favourite vacation spot last night.

As this blog is slowing down and I don’t want to rehash what I’ve already written – head on over to my non-private blog and check out what I learned.

Still not posting here?

27 Jul

Yeah. I kinda suck. I know.

I just haven’t had a whole heck of a lot to say.

Things are good.

Our business is going well.  Okay, well-ish. We could still due with some more business, but right now we’ve been able to pay ourselves (yippee!) but we haven’t been able to continue paying his parents (boo!).

I’m having the most fantastic time training for my half-marathon. I seriously love it. (Yes, I know I’m crazy).

Last night we went out on a 12k run (we skipped Sunday because we were hungover and ran yesterday instead). It. Was. Awesome. We ran the last 2k in the pouring rain – and when I say pouring rain, picture the heavens just opening up and dumping. (Anyone who lives in the prairies will understand these intense 15 minute rain showers). I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.

In 9 days we’ll be heading to Kelowna for our annual (well, it was annual, but was interrupted last year) vacation. Beaches and wineries. I’m so excited! We’re going with DH’s parents and two of our good friends. We’re taking one vehicle for the 4 of us friends, and I bought the Life DVD set so us girls can squeal over the cute animals during the 8 hour drive there.

We both have our fingers crossed that we’ll also be able to go to Mexico this year. It’s very reasonably priced, the only issue is finding time off work. I’m sure hoping we’re a) able to find someone to look after our business or b) able to give our customers enough notice so that they can order everything up before we go. I’d just hate to go on vacation and come back to no customers. Obviously Christmas would be a better time to go, but I just can’t stomach paying double to go over Christmas. That just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

So, in conclusion. I’m boring. Hence the lack of pointless ramblings.

I have posted some more pictures over at my other blog, though. Stop by (and comment :) )

She did it again…

20 Jul

Germany pictures are up on the other blog.

I know

I know

I’m just too lazy the post them twice :)

Big Sigh

19 Jul

And not a happy sigh.

Remember when I told y’all I had applied to possibly work in the US for 6 months? Well, I didn’t get the position.

I found out I didn’t get the position through a “PFO” (please f*** off) email, which I was bcc’d on. Now that’s just tacky if you ask me.

Needless to say, I’m not super impressed with my job or my company today. Not to mention its a Monday, which sucks even without the craptastic news.

I feel like I need to take some time to re-evaluate whether I want to stay at this company. My original plan was one more year, but I’m not even sure if I can stomach that.

But – if my own company won’t give me opportunities, would another company? One that doesn’t even know me?


I don’t think I really like today……

Human’s are Domesticated

19 Jul

According to my husband they are

Outlet Shopping is Pretty Awesome

14 Jul


I’m doing it again.

Linking to the “other” blog.

I’m thinking that may soon become my more “main” blog. We shall see……

I haven’t had much interesting going on in my life lately – and I like having a non-private blog.

Anywho – if you like handbags – head on over!

I hate linking to my “other” blog

8 Jul

But I’m going to do it anways.

I figure my other choice is to re-type my post here. So I’ll link instead.

Hop on over and tell me what you think about RSVP’ing……..


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